April 12, 2024

The Northern California DX Foundation presented the TX5S team with their Third Annual DXcellence Award.








May 20, 2021

The Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) is proud to announce that the 2021 DXpedition of the Year award goes to VP8PJ, South Orkney Island.

The DXpedition team consisted of: Dave, K3EL and Les, W2LK (co-leaders); Gene, K5GS; Arliss, W7XU; Heye, DJ9RR; Laci, HA0NAR; Vadym, UT6UD; Walt, N6XG, Rob, N7QT; Steve, W1SRD; Mike, WA6O; Ken, NG2H; Hans-Peter, HB9BXE; and Alan, VK6CQ. Congratulations on a well- organized and executed DXpedition in a very challenging environment.

Each year the Southwest Ohio DX Association presents the DXpedition of the Year Award at the annual DX Dinner. Our goal is to recognize excellence in DXpedition planning and execution from Most Wanted entities. DXpeditions that completed from March 2020 through February 2021 are eligible for this year’s award. Winners of the DXpedition of the Year award have overcome significant access, licensing and logistical challenges to deliver a large number of contacts to a broad swath of the global amateur community. They represent the pinnacle of DXpeditioning.



German DX Foundation Trophy
Best DXpedition 2020

Results of the GDXF Trophy 2021 of the best DXpedition 2020

The results are based on 337 votes.

DXpedition Location Votes
VP8PJ South Orkney Is. 23.7 %
TI9A Cocos Is. 15.4 %
HU1DL El Salvador 14.8 %
R207RRC Chukotka Is. AS-207 11.3 %
TO7DL Reunion 10.1 %
TX0T Tatakoto Atoll OC-298 8.6 %
Z66DX Kosovo 7.7 %
XR8RRC Wellington Is. SA-032 7.1 %
CB0Z Selkirk Is. SA-101 1.2 %

GDXF Trophy Best DXpedition


Congratulations to the VP8PJ team, the other DX-pedition teams, and the individuals who received these awards

Japan International DX Meeting Committee
JIDXM Award Program 2020

Japan International DX Meeting Committee is pleased to announce the awards which will be presented to the following DXpedition teams and radio amateurs who have made outstanding contributions to the DX community during the year.


Presented by: Japan International DX Meeting Committee
– CQ ham radio – SEISA
– FGC – Foundation for Global Children


JIDXM DXpedition of the year 2020
VP8PJ South Orkney DXpedition Team(February 2020)
◆VP2VB Yasme Memorial Expedition Team( March 2020)
◆TO0Z St. Barthelemy Expedition Team(September 2020

Despite the situations caused by covid-19 pandemic, these teams overcame
all the difficulties and organized DXpeditions successfully with their fine teamwork, and provided pleasure
and deep impressions to the world’s DX community.

JIDXM Contribution Award 2020
K1JT Joseph H Taylor, JR
For inventing “WSJT” Software with cutting edge digital technology, and contributing to the activities of ham radio operators of all over the world with “FT8” mode.
W3IZ Norman Fusaro
For demonstrating the brilliant leadership in managing DXCC Award Programs during the covid-19 pandemic.